Let’s make one thing abundantly clear, there is no shortage of things on this earth that can kill humans with relative ease. For example, there are substances deadly in microscopic amounts and can come from unexpected places or creatures, some of them are even present nearly everywhere.

The top three Supplements that help eliminate Toxins!  Number THREE was a shock!

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and one of its most remarkable. A breathing layer of protection between ourselves and the world, it grows up and out in layers that replace themselves every 52 to 75 days. The average adult, in fact, sheds about 40 pounds of skin over the course of a lifetime, and typically carries around 21 square feet of it, weighing 7 pounds and containing 300 million individual cells. Each square inch of skin has roughly 10 hairs, 15 oil glands, 72 feet of nerve fiber, 100 sweat glands, and over 3 feet of blood vessels, which make our skin very absorbent and cause the things we put on it become quickly absorbed into our bodies.

Cancer itself is a toxin......a mycotoxin (fungus).  Fungal DNA mixing with Human DNA to create a muted cell.  That's why they tell you to get off sugars and carbs if you find out you have cancer......fungus will die (apoptosis) without sugars.